New UK law to block adult sites

A new British anti-porn law, ostensibly meant to protect youth, could restrict access to this site as well as for our UK members: This censorship effort, while unlikely to keep determined adolescents from finding adult content, could cause significant disruption to the Internet. reports that 12% of all websites are “pornographic”:

Although my sites are very soft core, I classify them as “adult” in order to avoid self-censoring controversial material. Members of our forums who reside in the UK should prepare now to avoid being disconnected from these and other Internet sites.

Welcome, friends

Welcome to the new website. Of all the forums I have had over the years, the one on this site is the first that I have installed personally. I think that our community will enjoy it.

I initially used forums to showcase my work as a writer, although in recent years I have found it increasingly difficult to come up with new ideas and new story angles. Reviewing my older stories, I feel as if I have already written everything that I have to say about these subjects.

I feel that the proliferation of inexpensive video equipment and free tube sites in the last few years has competitively reduced interest in erotic stories and adult forums in general. Even photography has declined in favor of videos, although visual art remains strong. I hope that the story form re-emerges as people become satiated with free video content and occasionally seek a more nostalgic experience.