Anti-Sex Fanatics Descend on London; Protest Planned

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Gail Dines’ anti-porn circus, Stop Porn Culture, is coming to London on 15 March. SPC claim that all women in the industry are raped and abused, and so the whole business must close down.

Sex & Censorship are organising a protest of performers, models, cammers, etc outside the conference so that women in the sex biz can make their voices heard. We then hope to hold a short meeting and social/networking evening afterwards.

It’s worth noting that the conference includes Object, the group that protested outside XBIZ EU a couple of times. What goes around… 🙂

For more details of the protest, here’s the Facebook page:

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Twitter: @PornPanic

Inside a Privacy-Oriented Search Engine

Fastcolabs has an intersting story about the creation and inner workings of Duck Duck Go, a privacy-conscious alternative to the ubiquitous Google search engine. Its “Instant Answers” feature offers most of the functionality of Google, such as the ability to look up words, make calculations, and even check the weather right from the search bar.

DDG has reported a tripling of daily traffic since last year’s revelations about three-letter agency spying, although its biggest advantage for most people would be protection from corporate data mining, as the service doesn’t log searches or use cookies to identify users.

Like other major search services, it blocks adult content by default, although the search string I provided in the above link removes the annoying filters. The service gleans results from other search engines such as Bing and Yandex and is optimized to delete spam from its results, so it offers a nice alternative to Google-based

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Shocking Banned Food Advert

If this was a real ad, what were they thinking? 😮

Bikini Model’s Space Adventure

Science fiction authors such as Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein had written of the interesting visual effects zero gravity might have on the female anatomy, but as Helen Popkin of NBC Science reports, a real-life bikini model had a chance to try it out herself.

Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton recently flew onboard a special aircraft that creates a “zero gravity” environment similar to that used for training astronauts. As a tribute to Jane Fonda’s sexy space character in the film Barbarella, Upton wore a gold string bikini and a “mod fantasy hairdo” for the zero-G flight. An image (possibly NSFW) from the article is below:

Kate Upton

Kate Upton

It might seem like naughty fun, but it’s all in the name of science 😀

Do Americans Prefer Technology to Sex?

An article in the New York Daily News yesterday claimed that the results of a Harris Interactive poll show that Americans would prefer technology, such as smartphones, to having sex. Curiously, the article was illustrated by the rather kinky-looking F/M wrestling photo below:


Those who read only the Daily News article might attribute this supposed diminution of real-life relationships to the high availability of Internet porn, although my reading of the actual poll results at Harris’ website tells quite a different story.

According to a confusing table of results of the Harris poll, “IT decision makers” (ITDM’s) actually value real-life relationships more than do members of a control group. Most ITDM’s say that technology has improved their personal relationships or had no impact, and the report itself concludes that:

But even among these top-tier tech users, human touchpoints still take precedence over technological ones, as ITDMs were as likely as their general population counterparts to say they could not live without their spouse or significant other (43% ITDMs, 45% U.S. adults) – so they’re human after all.

City to Consider Outlawing Non-Nude Models

The New York Daily News reports that a group of petitioners in Spokane, WA is pressing for a new law to establish criminal penalties for scantily-clad but non-nude waitresses in coffee shops and similar establishments, ostensibly to “protect the children.” Neither story reports whether the ordinance would be based on the shaky “secondary effects” doctrine, but if the proposal becomes law, expect First Amendment challenges. The eventual outcome could have a bearing on laws governing other non-nude public modeling performances, such as the much-maligned “booth babes” at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Free-expression advocates should watch this case, because our opponents certainly will.

Revenge Porn Laws: A Lawyer’s View

In this excellent article at the law blog Defending People, lawyer Mark Bennett examines a proposed statute in the US designed to criminalize so-called “revenge porn.” After dissecting the bill point by point, he concludes that criminalizing revenge porn (which is presumably already actionable as a civil tort) would probably violate the US Constitution.

In the article, Bennett also addresses some of the “liberal” arguments for outlawing porn in general — namely, “discrimination” or “harassment” — and makes the case that those claims, too, would run afoul of the First Amendment. I highly recommend the article to anyone who is interested in the emerging case law relating to adult content in the USA.