Facebook’s Quiet Porn Purge

With the recent discussion of a gradual “porn purge” and stealth bans on Twitter, it appears that Facebook, under its bossy boss Sheryl Sandberg, seems to have quietly started its own porn purge. According to multiple reports at adult-industry forum Xbiz:

  • Facebook’s real-name policy is now being strictly enforced, particularly targeting adult performers
  • Some adult performer pages are being closed even though no TOS violations have been claimed
  • Transsexual performers are now being forced to use their birth names

This serves as another reminder why it is risky to depend on a third-party web platform for critical personal or business communication needs. (Over the years, various incarnations of my own forum were closed down by Yahoo, MSN, Smartgroups, and Forum 77, in some cases because of technical support issues.) People who depend on Facebook for mission-critical services should consider maintaining backup accounts on other platforms such as Twitter or even the reviled MySpace, as well as keeping copies of all content posted. Adult search engine Boodigo plans to launch a free adults-only blog service which may also be of use to some.

Adult Dating Site Hacked, Intimate Info Leaked

Adult dating site Adult Friend Finder has recently discovered that hackers have obtained intimate personal facts, including detailed information about fetishes and kinks, of four million of its 64 million members. The parent company, Friend Finder Networks, says that its other websites do not appear to have been compromised, and it has hired the respected data security firm Mandiant to investigate the breach.

Experts are concerned that many of the leaked records can be traced to identifiable people and could be used, among other things, for blackmail. I would add that if ordinary hackers could obtain these records, alphabet-soup agencies probably also had access. Some of the compromised users had signed up for the service with their official or work e-mail addresses, which is never a good idea when dealing with sexually explicit websites.



FCC to Protect ISP Customer Privacy

During the past week there has been a flurry of legislative activity in the US, all with uncertain outcomes. The secretive — and privacy-threatening — Trans-Pacific Partnership seemed to have been defeated in the Senate, only to be revived again. A very bad law was passed allegedly to “protect children” from adult online ads, but it might have far-reaching consequences for even non-adult websites and will almost certainly end up in the courts. Further, the “Crypto Wars” of the late 1990’s have been rekindled of late as officials battle over whether encryption technology should be backdoored.

Amid all this tumult, however, arises a glimmer of hope for American Internet consumers. The FCC, using its newly granted Title II authority, has declared that ISP’s must take greater measures to protect the privacy and security of their customers’ personal information, similar to the requirements which already apply to telephone companies.

If the FCC action survives legal challenges, it may prohibit ISP’s from secretly tracking their customers’ online activity, as Verizon is alleged to have done, as well as requiring that companies employ best-practices security to protect user information. I hope that this heralds a new mandate for the Commission to protect ISP consumers from egregious corporate misconduct.



The Power Is In Your Hand

Philly Mag reports on an odd invention that’s intended to make pleasuring yourself good for the environment too. Called the “Wankband,” the device is supposed to use “masturbation energy” from the up-and-down movement of your hand to recharge a mobile phone. At press time, Pornhub was sponsoring a beta test of the device.



For those who love going green, and who also love masturbation, boy, do we have a new technological gadget for you!

Dangerous Trade Legislation Passes US Congressional Committees

E-mail received today from Evan from FFTF info@list.fightforthefuture.org

Urgent: Fast Track for the TPP has passed through committee in both the House and the Senate — but right now it looks like there aren’t enough votes for it to pass on the floor. Take action now to make sure it stays that way.

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Bad news first: Fast Track legislation to ram through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has now passed out of committee in both the U.S. House and Senate, and it’s moving fast.

Now the good news: just last week the House Majority Leader admitted that “the votes aren’t there yet” to get this anti-democratic, censorship-enabling legislation passed.1

But both the Obama administration and corporate-backed Republican leadership are working together to spread propaganda and claim there is “nothing secret” in the TPP – while the entire text is still classified!2 Worse, they are literally bribing reps with a fancy dinner if they vote for the Fast Track bills.3

The vote is going to be painfully close. Every second counts and every voice matters. Will you speak out today?

Click here to take urgent action to stop the Fast Track bills now.

This is a huge opportunity. If we can defeat Fast Track legislation in the U.S., it’s very likely that the entire TPP will fall apart. This is our chance to change history and to make it clear we won’t accept a future where decisions that affect our lives are made by governments in secret.

Thanks for all you do,

-Evan at Fight for the Future

P.S. Rep Nancy Pelosi now plays a key role in whether these Fast Track bills move ahead. Will you call her office at (202) 225-4965 to tell her to oppose Fast Track for the TPP?

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[2] Tech Dirt, https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20150424/14443230784/president-obama-demands-critics-tell-him-whats-wrong-with-tpp-course-we-cant-do-that-because-he-wont-show-us-agreement.shtml

[3] The Hill, http://thehill.com/policy/finance/240416-dems-who-supported-trade-deal-get-state-dinner-invites