Favorable Developments

Just a quick post from me for now. This week has seen favorable developments in Internet privacy, sexual health news, and the survival of traditional adult media.

According to DSL Reports:

“In a new letter sent to the FCC (pdf), around 60 consumer groups are urging the FCC to quickly and clearly adopt “strong rules to protect consumers from having their personal data collected and shared by their broadband provider without affirmative consent, or for purposes other than providing broadband Internet access service.”

From an article at RH Reality Check titled There Really Isn’t Any Bad News for People Who Like to Masturbate:

“A recent Maxim article warned readers that masturbation may be harmful in the long wrong if they do it too often or the wrong way. Thankfully, the article is based on pseudoscience and misunderstandings—there is no reason to stop the activity.”

And finally, from Consumerist, the title says it all:

Penthouse Keeping Magazine, Citing The “Gravitas” Of The Printed Page


Medical Leave

I haven’t been able to post much here recently because of a medical issue which is limiting my ability to type. I plan to resume blogging as soon as the situation allows. Thank you all for your patience.