Brexit and Porn Laws

Most discussion of Britain’s referendum to leave the European Union has centered on economic issues and immigration, but Jerry Barnett of the respected Sex and Censorship blog notes that the “Brexit” could also affect free speech and Internet laws in the UK. For example, absent a specific treaty to the contrary, British ISP’s would no longer be subject to EU net neutrality rules.

Although I don’t personally believe that the Brexit is a sign of a growing English fascism, I do agree with Barnett’s conclusion:

Amidst the chaos, it seems churlish to ask what this means for the adult industry. But as has been so often pointed out, sex is the canary in the coalmine of liberty. Sexual and political freedoms have always gone hand-in hand; an attack on one is an attack on the other. And so surely we all — on both sides of the Atlantic — are in for a huge battle in the coming months.

More at XBIZ:

Op-Ed: Britons Light Fuse With Brexit

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Thoughts on Libertarianism

Recently I had posted a humorous chart of the American political landscape as it might be seen through a libertarian perspective. I have moved it here because I think it should have its own post.

I also wanted to link to this article from the Adam Smith Institute, which explains a “classical liberal” viewpoint, as opposed to a “hardcore libertarian” view, on redistribution. I find that it generally reflects my position as a self-described liberal libertarian, and I hope that my readers will find it of interest as well.

Political chart:

US parties on the issues

US parties on the issues

Court Upholds FCC Net Neutrality Plan

In a huge victory for Internet users, a US appellate court today upheld the FCC’s classification of Internet service as a common carrier, that is, a utility like telephone service rather than an “information service” like pay TV. This leaves in place the FCC’s Open Internet rules which protect, among other things, Net Neutrality.

Despite this win, however, the ruling still could be reversed on further appeal to the Supreme Court, or a new US president could appoint FCC commissioners who would undo these consumer protections and hand power back to the ISP’s.

Court Fully Upholds FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

The United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has fully upheld the FCC’s net neutrality rules, dismantling multiple lawsuits filed by broadband providers in the hopes of killing the rules — and FCC authority over them. In the full ruling (pdf), the court sided with the FCC not only in terms of the rules, but fully supported the FCC’s decision to classify ISPs as common carriers under the Communications Act.

See also: AT&T Threatens Appeal After Net Neutrality Court Loss

Net Neutrality upheld

Google Accused of Manipulating Search Results to Favor Clinton

Among the many controversies which have characterized the 2016 US presidential primary season thus far, an article at financial news site Marketwatch now claims that Google’s search engine manipulates autocomplete results to conceal alleged wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton, a claim that the company denies. Urban-legend resource Snopes ran its own tests and explains the apparent bias by observing that Google, unlike Bing and Yahoo, disallows all autocomplete results that disparage persons.

Even if the claim of pro-Clinton manipulation is inaccurate, however, it is worth noting that Google does have close ties with the current Administration and possibly Mrs. Clinton. For example, see this article at QZ:

The stealthy, Eric Schmidt-backed startup that’s working to put Hillary Clinton in the White House

Also see Julia Angwin at Backchannel, who states that Google did manipulate search results during the 2012 elections to favor Barack Obama.

Users who want to avoid Google search entirely may wish to use privacy-friendly search services such as or which do not rely on Google to power their results.

Also of interest: this bizarre screenshot of a Google search about Adolf Hitler posted by a user at

Google search result

Really, Google

Adult Industry Split Between Sanders, Clinton

With Hillary Clinton’s nomination for the Democratic Party now all but assured, a non-scientific XBIZ poll showed that adult industry professionals split evenly in supporting Sen. Sanders and Mrs. Clinton for US president at around 33% each, with likely GOP nominee Donald Trump trailing at 22%.