US, UK Separately Introduce ISP Censorship Bills

Via XBIZ, lawmakers in both the US and UK have separately proposed measures to censor or tax access to mature content online:

Legislative Attempts to Filter Porn in the U.S. Are Mounting

New Mexico will join about two dozen other states that will slate legislative attempts in 2017 to force ISPs and makers of PCs and mobile devices to install porn filters. Read more>>

Despite previous attempts, introducing mandatory filters in the U.S. for objectionable content has never come to fruition, because such proposals would be struck down as violations of both the 1st Amendment and the Commerce Clause, which does not permit individual states to regulate Internet commerce by filtering.

U.K. Digital Economy Bill Moves Forward to House of Lords

Members of the House of Commons today approved the third reading of the U.K. Digital Economy Bill, effectively sending the draft legislation to the House of Lords for consideration. Read more>>