Ted Cruz Account Liked Porn Tweet; Cruz Blames “Staffing Issue”

This is so good that I had to come out of retirement just to post it. Last night, the Twitter account of the anti-porn, anti-Net Neutrality Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) “liked” a vanilla hard-core porn video. The backlash was absolutely glorious, made even better by the clumsy attempts of his spokeswoman to explain it away.

Mediaite reports that Cruz himself blames the errant like on a “staffing issue” 😀

Screenshot below:

Ted Cruz liked porn tweet

Ted Cruz liked porn tweet

Thoughts on Libertarianism

Recently I had posted a humorous chart of the American political landscape as it might be seen through a libertarian perspective. I have moved it here because I think it should have its own post.

I also wanted to link to this article from the Adam Smith Institute, which explains a “classical liberal” viewpoint, as opposed to a “hardcore libertarian” view, on redistribution. I find that it generally reflects my position as a self-described liberal libertarian, and I hope that my readers will find it of interest as well.

Political chart:

US parties on the issues

US parties on the issues

Female “Ted Cruz Lookalike” To Do Sex Tape?

Online media have been atwitter about a recent guest on the Maury Povitch show, 21-year-old Searcy Hayes, who some people think bears a striking resemblance to Republican candidate and open-Internet foe Ted Cruz. According to “If Only You News,” Huffington Post says that the porn company X-Hamster has offered Searcy US$10,000 for a 6-minute sex tape:

Being an internet meme doesn’t pay the bills, though, so the “female Ted Cruz” is hoping to capitalize on her newfound internet stardom by filming a porn scene.

X-Hamster, a popular porn website, has offered to pay Hayes and her fiance $10,000 for a 6-minute sex tape.

Searcy Hayes

Searcy Hayes
(c) officialmauryshow/instagram

Ted Cruz and “Genital Stimulation”

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, who has recently become a GOP establishment favorite, has long opposed consumer rights and protections for Internet users. This week, reports have surfaced about a legal brief he wrote in which he claimed that “There is no substantive-due-process right to stimulate one’s genitals for non-medical purposes unrelated to procreation or outside of an interpersonal relationship.”

According to urban legend site Snopes.com he did in fact write those words, although it was in his capacity at the time as solicitor general of Texas in defense of an absurd ban on dildos. Nonetheless, the brief has generated much humor, including the following tweet from his former college roommate Craig Mazin:

Ted Cruz Craig Mazin

Ted Cruz: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Senator Ted Cruz, once hailed as the “intellectual” of the US Republican 2016 presidential primary field, continues to provide amusement. Mediaite reports that the Cruz campaign pulled an ad after finding out that they had accidentally hired a softcore porn actress, Amy Lindsay, to promote the religiously conservative senator. (Perhaps surprisingly, Lindsay says she is “a conservative and a Christian” who plans to support Cruz or Donald Trump.)

I have previously criticized Cruz for flamboyantly opposing Net Neutrality despite his not knowing what it was.

Amy Lindsay

Amy Lindsay, via Mediaite.com

Top 10 Forum Topics That Get Closed (Funny)

After over a decade of visiting and moderating various adult forums, I’ve compiled a list of topics that often devolve into flame wars and tend to get closed. Nowadays, most of these are also topics that get heated on Twitter. Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments 🙂

flame war

  1. Abortion
  2. Gun Control
  3. Affordable Care Act (USA)
  4. George W. Bush
  5. Death penalty
  6. Global warming
  7. Confederate flag
  8. Immigration
  9. Creation vs. evolution
  10. What race of women is most ticklish?

The Power Is In Your Hand

Philly Mag reports on an odd invention that’s intended to make pleasuring yourself good for the environment too. Called the “Wankband,” the device is supposed to use “masturbation energy” from the up-and-down movement of your hand to recharge a mobile phone. At press time, Pornhub was sponsoring a beta test of the device.



For those who love going green, and who also love masturbation, boy, do we have a new technological gadget for you!

Hasbro Slips Dildo Into Play Set

Much to the consternation of some parents this holiday season, a designer at Hasbro with a wicked sense of humor managed to slip a toy dildo into a Play-Doh bakery play set. The racy object was described as an “icing topper,” but you can see it for yourself below:



Amusingly, a TV newscast here felt it necessary to pixelate an image of the toy. Hasbro is making a replacement available for buyers who find the accessory too disturbing.